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• December 27, 2012 • 11:14 AM

Some leftover holiday morsels:

Why we still talk about Wittgenstein (Hint: It’s not just his brains).

To end the concussion crisis, we need to figure out how to stop “rotational acceleration” of the brain–something no helmet on the market can do. So why won’t helmet companies adopt a radical new solution?

A society’s sense of duty to provide care for its infirm pre-dates ObamaCare, MediCare, and maybe even Hippocrates

Hamnesty for Justin Bieber’s hamster!

What does the Church of Scientology do to investigative reporters who bust open the church’s inner workings? They might kill their house pets, for one thing.

For some reason, we keep trusting Google to boss us around and control our destiny in ways we would never trust other large (and more democratic) institutions to do.

When is appropriation just copying in art?

Pacific Standard Staff
Pacific Standard grapples with the nation’s biggest social, political, and cultural issues by focusing on what shapes human behavior—the psychological tendencies, hidebound customs, material conditions, prevailing institutions, and galvanizing ideas that propel modern life.

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