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Are the Fitness Benefits of Riding Your Bike Worth the Risk of an Accident?

Lesley Evans Ogden takes a tour of seven cities on two wheels.

On the Road Again

Road rage

Why Don’t Cars Have a ‘Sorry’ Signal?

It might be a cure for road rage—or just the cause of more accidents.



How Cheating (and Duffle Bags of Gold) Got Me a First-Class Flight to London

There are countless ways to game the airline miles system, but does that mean you should take advantage?



How the Internet Should Increase Geographic Mobility

We’re adjusting to a world where more and more interactions are not face-to-face and trust can be cultivated online.

Life in the Data


Forget the Maps: Why All the Data in the World Won’t Make You a Better Traveler

Travel writer Paul Theroux on why planning your trip can be a lesson in frustration.



Lose All Your Weight, Fly for Free

Under a new pay-per-kilogram system, ghosts will be able to fly for nothing.



Visions of Futuristic Air Travel (And Plenty of Leg Room!) in 1946

The vision of post-war air travel isn’t all that different from what well-heeled fliers can get today, but what a long, strange trip it’s been.


Green Habits Stay Home on Vacation

People who are environmentally responsible in their everyday lives seem to cast aside their green habits when traveling for leisure, a study notes.


The Politics of a European Pat-Down

Airport security in Europe tends to be more discreet than in the U.S. But an industry group wants to change that.


A Road Less Traveled

Passenger travel in the industrialized world has been stagnant for nearly a decade, researchers say.


Which Countries Rank Highest in Adventure?

The Slovak Republic, Israel and the Czech Republic score high marks in the annual Adventure Tourism Development Index.


Can Tourism Be Sustainable?

With Machu Picchu literally sinking into the ground, Peru looks for authentic, eco-friendly ways to grow its travel sector.


Data Seizure at the Airport

Be prepared for a search of what’s on your laptop as you cross into the United States these days.


Peak Oil and the Return of the Jet Set

The difficulty and increasing cost of providing aviation fuel as we near peak oil production may ground many flights while winging us away from aerial democracy.


Why Does Government Need Your Passenger Data?

A grand explanation for the Great Information Gather on anyone who crosses an international border. …


A Visa By Any Other Name …

Should the U.S. and Europe bring back the visa? Because “visa-free travel” to America no longer exists


Define a ‘Great’ City

A University of Louisville researcher data-crunches and theorizes about the ‘greatest’ American cities.


Fearless Flying with Fred H. Cate

Privacy and security expert Fred H. Cate believes we can make it safer to fly without a new airport security system — but we do need to improve the one we have.


Monkey See, Monkey Brew

Coffee can be good for you. But what about monkey spit?


Dialing in the Friendly Skies

Although U.S. authorities haven’t budged on the ban, other nations and several airlines are close to allowing cell phone use in the skies.

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Don’t Text and Drive—Especially If You’re Old

A new study shows that texting while driving becomes even more dangerous with age.

Apparently You Can Bring Your Religion to Work

New research says offices that encourage talk of religion actually make for happier workplaces.

Canadian Kids Have a Serious Smoking Problem

Bootleg cigarette sales could be leading Canadian teens to more serious drugs, a recent study finds.

The Hidden Psychology of the Home Ref

That old myth of home field bias isn’t a myth at all; it’s a statistical fact.

The Big One

One in two United States senators and two in five House members who left office between 1998 and 2004 became lobbyists. November/December 2014

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