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Are the Fitness Benefits of Riding Your Bike Worth the Risk of an Accident?

Lesley Evans Ogden takes a tour of seven cities on two wheels.


Why Don’t Cars Have a ‘Sorry’ Signal?

It might be a cure for road rage—or just the cause of more accidents.

Road rage

How Cheating (and Duffle Bags of Gold) Got Me a First-Class Flight to London

There are countless ways to game the airline miles system, but does that mean you should take advantage?


How the Internet Should Increase Geographic Mobility

We’re adjusting to a world where more and more interactions are not face-to-face and trust can be cultivated online.


Forget the Maps: Why All the Data in the World Won’t Make You a Better Traveler

Travel writer Paul Theroux on why planning your trip can be a lesson in frustration.


Lose All Your Weight, Fly for Free

Under a new pay-per-kilogram system, ghosts will be able to fly for nothing.


Visions of Futuristic Air Travel (And Plenty of Leg Room!) in 1946

The vision of post-war air travel isn’t all that different from what well-heeled fliers can get today, but what a long, strange trip it’s been.


Green Habits Stay Home on Vacation

People who are environmentally responsible in their everyday lives seem to cast aside their green habits when traveling for leisure, a study notes.

The Politics of a European Pat-Down

Airport security in Europe tends to be more discreet than in the U.S. But an industry group wants to change that.

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Quick Studies

Banning Chocolate Milk Was a Bad Choice

The costs of banning America's favorite kids drink from schools may outweigh the benefits, a new study suggests.

In Battle Against Climate Change, Cities Are Left All Alone

Cities must play a critical role in shifting the world to a fossil fuel-free future. So why won't anybody help them?

When a Romance Is Threatened, People Rebound With God

And when they feel God might reject them, they buddy up to their partner.

How Can We Protect Open Ocean That Does Not Yet Exist?

As global warming melts ice and ushers in a wave of commercial activity in the Arctic, scientists are thinking about how to protect environments of the future.

What Kind of Beat Makes You Want to Groove?

The science behind the rhythms that get you on the dance floor.

The Big One

One state—Pennsylvania—logs 52 percent of all sales, shipments, and receipts for the chocolate manufacturing industry. March/April 2014