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Prophetic Umpires: Expectation Bias and Errors in Baseball

It’s not that what you see is what you get. It’s that what you expect is what you see.


Why Don’t We Have Ads on Sports Uniforms Yet?

While a San Francisco 49ers jersey with a Facebook badge across the chest might seem inevitable, it’s still not a reality.


Prediction: The Detroit Tigers Will Get Most Wins This Baseball Season

Mathematician Bruce Bukiet projects most of last year’s division-winning teams will once again be victorious.


Does Being a Division I Athlete Lower Your Quality of Life?

According to a number of former varsity athletes at Indiana University, it does. But don’t panic just yet: The findings are still very preliminary.


Why Are Synthetic Hormones Off-Limits in Sports?

Our bodies naturally create hundreds of hormones that are key to determining our athletic abilities. But the introduction of unnatural hormones raises important questions about how we define sex and gender.


Stop Denying the Hot Hand

New data and statistical theory are overturning 30-year-old research that failed to find evidence of streaky shooting on the basketball court. The hot hand, it turns out, really does exist—and it may apply to a lot more than just sports.


Can Sports Teams Really Have Momentum?

Not in collegiate hockey, at least.


How We Set Up Our Professional Athletes to Fail

For every Michael Jordan, there’s at least one Keon Clark. Or an Allen Iverson. Or a Junior Seau. The machinery of professional sports churns through its athletes and spits them out on the other side.


A Nation of Amateurs

America is a place where the majority of athletic competitions go unseen, and the majority of athletes uncelebrated. What does it say about us that we continue to compete anyway?


Are Women Just Not Interested in Running for Political Office?

And could it have something to do with the fact that fewer women than men are involved in college sports?


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Quick Studies

Banning Chocolate Milk Was a Bad Choice

The costs of banning America's favorite kids drink from schools may outweigh the benefits, a new study suggests.

In Battle Against Climate Change, Cities Are Left All Alone

Cities must play a critical role in shifting the world to a fossil fuel-free future. So why won't anybody help them?

When a Romance Is Threatened, People Rebound With God

And when they feel God might reject them, they buddy up to their partner.

How Can We Protect Open Ocean That Does Not Yet Exist?

As global warming melts ice and ushers in a wave of commercial activity in the Arctic, scientists are thinking about how to protect environments of the future.

What Kind of Beat Makes You Want to Groove?

The science behind the rhythms that get you on the dance floor.

The Big One

One state—Pennsylvania—logs 52 percent of all sales, shipments, and receipts for the chocolate manufacturing industry. March/April 2014