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How the Other Half Lifts: What Your Workout Says About Your Social Class

Why can’t triathletes and weightlifters get along?

Burgh Diaspora


Not About LeBron James: Economic Restructuring in Cleveland

The basketball star isn’t the only one moving back to Ohio. Even with manufacturing on the decline, Cleveland is drawing talented migrants from other areas.



World Cup Fever: A Missed Opportunity for Brazil?

For many, the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games represent missed opportunities to tackle health problems and inequality.

The Worst Week


The Worst Basketball Team

Even bad basketball programs make the NCAA tournament once a decade just due to sheer randomness and dumb luck. So why have the Northwestern Wildcats never qualified?

The Worst Week


The Worst Free-Throw Shooter

Why do some of the greatest basketball players ever struggle with an uncontested shot from just 15 feet away?

World Cup Week


The Calm, Steady, Reliable Greece

Sometimes a national team looks nothing like the country it represents.

World Cup Week


How Does Immigration Affect the Teams at the World Cup?

The number of immigrants in a country doesn’t seem to have an effect on how diverse its national team is. If anything, it appears that ethnic and racial minorities get pushed toward soccer.

World Cup Week


How Italian Will Italy Be After the World Cup?

The idea of Italian identity has always been a weak one, and the brief, oncer-every-four-years flirtation with the national team just brings those issues into sharper focus.

World Cup Week


How Soccer Came to Define Brazil

The massive, multicultural, multiracial nation initially struggled to find a uniting identity—until everyone started playing and watching the sport brought over by the British.

World Cup Week


The 2014 World Cup Will Be The Biggest Media Event Ever

This post recognizes it is adding to the noise—but remains hopeful that it also says something valuable about the future of media coverage.

World Cup Week


Why This Is the Most Important World Cup Ever for American Soccer’s 99 Percent

Most domestic American players don’t make that much money, but with new collective bargaining negotiations coming up, a good performance from the U.S. National Team could help to change that.

World Cup Week


The Most Political Matches in World Cup History

A rumored death threat from Mussolini, what was ostensibly an on-field boxing match, and an egregious handball doubling as payback for the Falklands War.

World Cup Week


Will Soccer Ever Be as Big as Football in the United States?

As soccer picks up fans and followers in the U.S., entrepreneurs are betting that they’ll be able to make a lot of money off of a sport that’s already enormously popular elsewhere. Will their bets pay off?

World Cup Week


The Best Sports Team in the World That’s No Longer a Country

Bosnia and Herzegovina makes its maiden voyage to the World Cup this summer, and Croatia will be playing in its fourth tournament, but the memories of Yugoslavia—and the what-if questions—have yet to fade away.

World Cup Week


What’s the Legacy of the 2010 World Cup?

A fraction of one percent of FIFA’s total profit from the tournament.

Quick Studies


Can Better Sports Coverage Reduce Football Injuries?

A new study suggests the media’s attitude toward the sport’s players could play a major role in its tough-guy ethos.



Did Tyson Gay’s Coach Give the Sprinter Banned Substances?

Jon Drummond, saying he is facing a lifetime ban, is suing Gay and the head of U.S. Anti-Doping Agency for defamation.

But It's Just a Game


No, Horse Placentas Won’t Revolutionize Sports

But here’s why the equine birth-organ trend seems like it’s gaining steam.

Shelf Help


Shelf Help: New Book Reviews in 100 Words or Less

What you need to know about Addiction by Design, The Big Fix, and The Dylanologists.

A Conversation With


Being Mookie Wilson: A Conversation With the Soul of the 1986 New York Mets

On Bill Buckner, Doc Gooden, and the lost art of the triple.

Sociological Images


Race in the NFL Draft

A close look at the words used to describe white and black athletes in scouting reports.



Expert Advice on Running a Marathon

Hayley Birch collects some tips on nutrition, training, psychology, and more.



Running for Science: Guinea Pig for a Day in a Biomechanics Lab

Hayley Birch takes marathon training to an extreme level.



Pancho Villa’s Army

Exploring subculture in America.



Top 10 Tips for a First-Time Marathon Runner

Hayley Birch’s advice for anyone tackling their first 26.2 miles.

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Standing Up for My Group by Kicking Yours

Members of a minority ethnic group are less likely to express support for gay equality if they believe their own group suffers from discrimination.

How Old Brains Learn New Tricks

A new study shows that the neural plasticity needed for learning doesn't vanish as we age—it just moves.

Ethnic Diversity Deflates Market Bubbles

But it's not in the rainbow and sing-along way you'd hope for. We just don't trust outsiders' judgments.

Online Brain Exercises Are Probably Useless

Even under the guidance of a specialist trainer, computer-based brain exercises have only modest benefits, a new analysis shows.

To Find Suspicious Travelers, Try Talking to Them

Brief, directed conversations are more effective at identifying liars than fancy behavioral analysis, experiment suggests.

The Big One

One company, Comcast, will control up to 40 percent of Internet service coverage in the U.S., and 19 of the top 20 cable markets, if a proposed merger with Time Warner Cable is approved by regulators. November/December 2014

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