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Female Porn Addicts Are a Lot Like Male Porn Addicts

“I know it when I see it” may have been an adequate descriptor for pornography from Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, but when it comes to addiction to pornography, researchers don’t merely stop there. There has been a good deal of research on porn addiction, but researchers led by Christian Laier at University of Duisberg-Essen, Germany, […]

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Shelf Help: New Book Reviews in 100 Words or Less

What you need to know about Bad Feminist, XL Love, and The Birth of Korean Cool.

The Big Screen


‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Makes a Great Argument for Sex

We could all learn a thing or two from our close cousin, the bonobo.

Quick Studies


Is It Important to Have the Same Sexual Desires as Your Partner?

Not really—it’s more crucial that couples’ desires complement each other.



Pig Sex Is Becoming a Thing of the Past

Artificial insemination is much more efficient.

Between the Sheets


Casual Sex Is Actually Excellent for You, If You Love Casual Sex

New research suggests that not all casual sex is bad. For those legitimately interested, it can boost life satisfaction and self-esteem and lessen anxiety.



Should Keeping Your HIV-Positive Status From Sexual Partners Be a Criminal Offense?

Iowa’s highest court has thrown out Nick Rhoades’ 25-year prison sentence for criminal transmission of HIV. The decision could transform the way other states interpret and apply their own HIV laws.



A Brief Investigation Into Human-Ghost Intercourse

Sometimes, it’s just better to stop looking before you find an answer.

Between the Sheets


What If We Admitted to Children That Sex Is Primarily About Pleasure?

One mother makes up for the gaps in sex education.

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The Sexual Politics of Veganism

Veganism is too often presented as little more than a means of achieving idealized body types.

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How Republican Women Are Losing Out in the Polarization of Politics

As both of our political parties move to the ideological extremes, Republican women, who, unlike their Democratic counterparts, tend to be more moderate than the men in their party, are being left behind.

What Is Cool?


The Tortured Rise of the All-American Bro

The misogynist portrait of modern American masculinity may be a historical accident. Here’s how to fix it.



Can Gay Men Use the New Female Condom for Safer Sex?

The female condom has won praise for empowering women, but ever since it came onto the market, the device has found a small fan base among an unexpected population: gay men.

Between the Sheets


Sex in the Springtime

Do warmer temperatures get us all hot and bothered?



The Female Condom Is the Next Big Thing in Safe Sex

Once derided as being like a plastic bag with the erotic appeal of a jellyfish, the female condom is undergoing a transformation.

Between the Sheets


Why Sex Research Is Worth Funding With Public Money

Sexuality is a fundamental component of the human experience, and it’s one we need to have a better understanding of.

X and Y


The Social Construction of Sex

Many of us probably get our core gender identities as much from our biological origins as we do from our gender educations.

Between the Sheets


Why Circumcise Perfectly Healthy Penises?

There are better ways to protect against the transmission of STDs, and other common sense arguments against some of the most common reasons parents give for circumcising their children.



From Gay Marriage to Birth Control, the Fight Over Religious Exemptions Is Heating Up

Nina Martin talks with a leading expert on the historic tension between civil rights and religious freedom.

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Does Sleeping With a Guy on the First Date Make Him Less Likely to Call Back?

There is a simple reason that it might seem like it does, even if it doesn’t.

Quick Studies


Are Male Professors More Collaborative?

Senior female psychology professors are less likely than their male counterparts to cooperate with their junior, same-gender colleagues on research.

But It's Just a Game


Why Are Synthetic Hormones Off-Limits in Sports?

Our bodies naturally create hundreds of hormones that are key to determining our athletic abilities. But the introduction of unnatural hormones raises important questions about how we define sex and gender.

You Don't Know America


Female Circumcision as Sexual Therapy: The Past and Future of Plastic Surgery?

Is a hooded clitoris to blame for many women’s failure to reach orgasm with their sexual partners? Whether it is or not, the procedure is becoming more popular among both women and physicians.

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The Feminization of Love and Masculinization of Sex

Do men pretend like they’re not into Valentine’s Day—or any other love-related things—because of the way society pressures them to avoid “girly” things in our culture?

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Apparently You Can Bring Your Religion to Work

New research says offices that encourage talk of religion actually make for happier workplaces.

Canadian Kids Have a Serious Smoking Problem

Bootleg cigarette sales could be leading Canadian teens to more serious drugs, a recent study finds.

The Hidden Psychology of the Home Ref

That old myth of home field bias isn’t a myth at all; it’s a statistical fact.

A Word of Caution to the Holiday Deal-Makers

Repeat customers—with higher return rates and real bargain-hunting prowess—can have negative effects on a company’s net earnings.

The Big One

One in two United States senators and two in five House members who left office between 1998 and 2004 became lobbyists. November/December 2014

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