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The ‘Greening’ of Christianity Is Not Actually Happening

Despite two decades of preaching, self-identified Christians are hardly acting as stewards of the Earth.

In the Classroom


For College-Age Mormons, Sexual Violence Is a Religious Problem

Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints church doctrine says that victims of sexual abuse are not guilty of sexual sin, but there’s a far different story playing out on the ground, where bishops are making women repent for their own rapes.

We Read It


The Journalism of Religious Experience

An interview with Jeff Sharlet, editor of Radiant Truths.

Book Reviews


What Does Religion Look Like in Prison?

Ex-Catholics, atheists, Cherokees, Lakotas, Lutherans, and Wiccans all make an appearance in Joshua Dubler’s Down in the Chapel.

The World Wide Web


No, the Internet Is Not Killing Religion in America

The decline in religiosity in the U.S. is accompanied by a rise in Internet access. But the factors determining faith are far more complicated than a Wi-Fi connection.

Quick Studies


When a Romance Is Threatened, People Rebound With God

And when they feel God might reject them, they buddy up to their partner.



Americans Intuitively Judge Atheists as Immoral

New research finds a link between disbelief and unethical behavior is strongly lodged in Americans’ minds.

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What’s a Religious Experience?

Despite a belief in the supernatural being ever-present among Americans, the unknown remains a topic we rarely discuss.



From Gay Marriage to Birth Control, the Fight Over Religious Exemptions Is Heating Up

Nina Martin talks with a leading expert on the historic tension between civil rights and religious freedom.

Quick Studies

Figure 1

The Perks of Being a Fire Walker

Those who participated in a fire-walking ritual felt happier and less fatigued afterwards than close relatives who spectated.

The World Wide Web

(Photo: James Wong)

Chaos, Democracy, and Religion in the Pokémon World

How the live-streaming, crowd-sourced gameplay of a 15-year-old game captivated millions and generated its own set of religions.

Sociological Images


Is Religion Secularizing? Trends in Opposition to Pornography

At least when it comes to pornography, one sociologist found, religious leaders are relying on other authorities to back up their points of view.

You Don't Know America


The Church of the Paranormal

Despite our reputation as a science-minded superpower, America has always had a predilection for the unseen.

You Don't Know America


When Did Americans Start Trusting in God?

It all goes back to the Cold War.

You Don't Know America


Forgiveness in the Abortion Clinic

Religion and abortion can and sometimes do mix.

Sociological Images


The Rise of the Jew-ish

Younger Jews are more likely to describe themselves as being “atheist,” “agnostic,” or “nothing in particular,” according to a new Pew Research Center survey.



Science Denialism Crosses Party Lines

New research finds Republicans are no more likely than Democrats to express skepticism of the scientific consensus on contentious issues.

Sociological Images


Racism and Xenophobia in ‘War on Christmas’ Rhetoric

For some, the so-called War on Christmas is about much more than a competition between religious and secular forces.



Why Is Hanukkah So Closely Associated With Christmas?

It’s all about the Benjamins.



Should Doctors at Catholic Hospitals Be Barred From Discussing Abortion With Patients?

The ACLU has filed a complaint in Colorado asserting a doctor was disciplined by a Catholic hospital simply for talking about an abortion.



What a Real War on Christmas Looks Like

A history lesson for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and other conservatives worried about “a secular clown posse” set on destroying Judeo-Christian traditions.



As Catholic Hospitals Grow Will Women and Gays Be Left Without Care?

In Washington state, where alliances and mergers between hospitals are taking place at a rapid clip, many are bracing for limits on care, and calling for public debate.



Who Wants a Christian America?

A look at the results of a recent YouGov survey.



There Are Hundreds of Practicing Exorcists in the U.S.

A recent survey of modern exorcists reveals a surprising lack of drama in the business of casting out demons.


Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover LIVE

The Prophet

Meet Dave Ramsey, the most important personal finance guru in America. Millions of people follow his biblically inspired advice. It goes like this: 1. Purge yourself of debt; 2. Live on cash; 3. Pretend economic trends don’t affect you; 4. Blame yourself when they do.

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Politicians Really Aren’t Better Decision Makers

Politicians took part in a classic choice experiment but failed to do better than the rest of us.

Earliest High-Altitude Settlements Found in Peru

Discovery suggests humans adapted to high altitude faster than previously thought.

My Politicians Are Better Looking Than Yours

A new study finds we judge the cover by the book—or at least the party.

That Cigarette Would Make a Great Water Filter

Clean out the ashtray, add some aluminum oxide, and you've (almost) got yourself a low-cost way to remove arsenic from drinking water.

Love and Hate in Israel and Palestine

Psychologists find that parties to a conflict think they're motivated by love while their enemies are motivated by hate.

The Big One

One company, Amazon, controls 67 percent of the e-book market in the United States—down from 90 percent five years ago. September/October 2014 new-big-one-5

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