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Reading List: The Best Reporting on Children With Post-Traumatic Stress

What happens to children and teenagers exposed to violence in their own neighborhoods.



Slavery’s Legacy: Race-Based Economic Inequality

Two European researchers find a link between county-level slavery in 1860 and economic inequality today.

Burgh Diaspora


Racism, Reparations, and Migration

On how emigrating changes the racial experience.

In the Classroom


Racism 101: Let’s Talk About Diversity and Prejudice in America’s Public Schools

Teachers and administrators do not talk enough with students about race or the harm caused by racist language. And that allows it to persist unchecked.



Thinking Racist Thoughts? The Problem Might Be Your Video Game Avatar

New research finds that, among white players of violent video games, black avatars arouse racist feelings.



Notion of Minority-Majority Nation Exacerbates White Racism

In a study, reminders that whites will soon lose their majority status in the U.S. triggers negative feelings toward minority groups.

Sociological Images


Should We Use Trigger Warnings on Course Syllabi?

Trigger warnings make sense in certain situations and settings. Higher education isn’t one of them.



Reading Literary Fiction Can Make You Less Racist

New research finds a compelling narrative can help us sidestep stereotypes.



Simple Touch Can Reduce Racial Prejudice

New research points to the power of physical contact to counteract unconscious bias.

Sociological Images


What Causes Inequality? Systemic and Individual Frames for Racism in Media

Race Forward takes a close look at how newspapers and cable television outlets cover one type of inequality.

Sociological Images


Rethinking a Zero-Tolerance Approach to Female Genital Mutilation

Are all of our opinions about FGCs largely shaped by racism, ethnocentrism, and a disgust or pity for an imagined Africa?

Over the Speakers


Fearing Hip-Hop: The Decline of the White Conscience

Overheated Beltway cranks and the blood on their hands.



Hatred of Outsiders Kicks in Between Ages 6 and 8

New research from Germany suggests love for people we think of as members of our group precedes hatred for those we perceive as outsiders. This may present a teaching opportunity.

True Crime


Cross Burning Is More Common Than You Think

Hate-crime sentences are harsher than ever, but the terrorizing tactic still persists.

Genes Are Us


Racism Might Hurt Your Cells

A new study suggests a link between discrimination and the heath of cells.



If You Don’t Talk About Race, People Might Think You’re Racist

A look at the results of a new study out of Harvard.



Anything Goes Is the New Conventional: On Richard Cohen and Interracial Marriage

The Washington Post columnist talks about “conventional views,” but he’s really only speaking for himself.



Why They’re the Redskins

There’s such a thing as going too far, but team mascots are supposed to be offensive.



Is There Anything We Can Do to Correct for the Fact That We’re All a Little Bit Prejudiced?

New research on implicit bias offers some valuable insights on how it operates in negotiation settings—but also highlights the complicated ways it resists intervention.



Study Links White Racism With Opposition to Gun Control

Researchers report white Americans who hold implicitly anti-black attitudes are more likely to have a gun in the house, and to oppose gun-control measures.



New York’s ‘Shop and Frisk’ Scourge

Racial profiling in luxury stores is causing way more problems than it’s preventing.



150 Years of Racism: Attitudes in the American South

The bias of Southern whites during slavery is still being passed down from generation to generation, according to new research.



What Does an American Look Like?

The majority of us—even those of us who oppose racism and embrace the idea that the U.S. is a nation of immigrants—hold the belief that America = white.



Racism Is Dying

At least when it comes to geography.



‘Reasonable Suspicion’ That Race Matters in the Immigration Debate

In the furor over immigration reform in the U.S., many taking a tougher line cite the law, not the evident ethnicity of the immigrants, for their stance. But that ethnicity matters, new research suggests.

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Do Not Tell Your Kids That Eating Vegetables Will Make Them Stronger

Instead, hand them over in silence. Or, market them as the most delicious snack known to mankind.

The West’s Groundwater Is Being Sucked Dry

Scientists were stunned to discover just how much groundwater has been lost from beneath the Colorado River over the past 10 years.

How Wildlife Declines Are Leading to Slavery and Terrorism

As wildlife numbers dwindle, wildlife crimes are rising—and that's fueling a raft of heinous crimes committed against humans.

How a CEO’s Fiery Battle Speeches Can Shape Ethical Behavior

CEO war speech might inspire ethical decisions internally and unethical ones among competing companies.

Modern Technology Still Doesn’t Protect Americans From Deadly Landslides

No landslide monitoring or warning systems are being used to protect vulnerable communities.

The Big One

Today, the United States produces less than two percent of the clothing purchased by Americans. In 1990, it produced nearly 50 percent. July/August 2014

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