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The Big Screen


‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Makes a Great Argument for Sex

We could all learn a thing or two from our close cousin, the bonobo.

The Worst Week


The Benefits of Being the Worst Movie Ever Made

Plenty of movies have been bad, mediocre, or even good, but only a select few have been called “the worst.” What might seem like an ignominious distinction, though, is also its own kind of success.

The Big Screen


Seduced by Gore Vidal

The complicated pleasures of Nicholas Wrathall’s hagiographic new documentary.

Sociological Images


Why Has Godzilla Gotten Bigger With Each New Adaptation?

It’s not just about the size of our buildings and cities.



The Design of Gift Cards May Influence Purchasing Behavior

Researchers find a colorfully dotted card puts people in a playful state of mind, which can influence what they buy.

The Big Screen


‘Godzilla’ Might Be This Year’s Most Realistic Movie

Sixteen years after a failed American iteration, Godzilla is back, and it’s one of the most anticipated movies of the year. There’s no superhero, it’s not a sequel, and it’s not part of a franchise, so what makes a movie about a monster destroying a city so resonant in 2014?

Conference Call


3 Conferences Happening in May That Are Worth Attending

From Evil, Women and the Feminine to Restaging the Song: Adapting Broadway for the Silver Screen, academic gatherings you should be aware of.

Culture Essays


How the Movies of Tomorrow Will Play With Your Mind

A neuroscientist in California is dreaming up a new visual vocabulary for cinema that could revolutionize the filmmaking business.

The Big Screen


Finally, a Martial Arts Movie That’s More Than 1 Invincible Asian Guy

How a Welsh director made the next great Eastern action film.

Quick Studies


Why You Rarely Notice Major Movie Bloopers

The visual field accounts for the recent past in order to prevent us from feeling like we’ve gone mad.

The Rest of the World


The Unconventional Role Wes Anderson’s ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ Could Play in the Ukraine Crisis

The nostalgic dreams this timely film rouses can provide an antidote against the next foreseeable bout of “Ukraine fatigue.”

The Big Screen


The Last Picture Show

As the screens we watch our movies on get smaller and smaller, we’re losing a unique, communal experience.

The Big Screen


The End of the 555 Phone Number

What began as a creation of Ma Bell and then became a Hollywood staple is now quickly disappearing—as it should.

The Big Screen


Masochism at the Movies: Historical Horrors With Alfred Hitchcock and Steve McQueen

Brutalism on screen—and its moral repercussions.

The Big Screen


There’s Nothing Subversive or Anti-Business About ‘The Lego Movie’

More than just a set of plastic bricks, Lego has positioned itself as the perfect toy brand by working to inspire nostalgia, creativity, and wonder. And the hottest film of the year to-date is a celebration of that.

Quick Studies


Is Watching ‘Gone With the Wind’ Just as Good as Real Marriage Therapy?

A recent study reveals that watching relationship-themed movies and discussing them with your partner can be just as effective as visiting a marriage counselor.

The Big Screen


How to Win an Oscar Nomination

Sociologists at the University of California-Los Angeles have come up with statistical predictors for getting the nod.

The Big Screen


The Dumb Debate Over Cell Phones in Movie Theaters

Everyone’s solution: find somewhere else.

What Is Cool?


Why ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Exists

If a movie walks you through hell, that doesn’t mean it actually wants you to go there.



6 Events Happening in January and February That You Should Be Aware Of

From the trial of Aurora Batman shooter James Holmes to the opening of the Sundance Film Festival, dates you might want to watch.

The Big Screen


Why the Oscars Should Be Segregated by Gender

Awards shows are great for women in Hollywood, but they can still do much more.



The Self-Fulfilling Oscar Calendar

How the Academy Awards shrink the year in movies to down to no more than a few months.



How ‘The Hunger Games’ Got Cool

In just over a year, the young-adult book series has become a widespread cultural touchstone.



The Sexy Baby Voice vs. the Voice of God

Are all voices treated equally?



The Revenge Fantasy: ‘Django Unchained’ vs. ’12 Years a Slave’

Do most Americans believe that all problems—psychological, interpersonal, political, moral—can be resolved by a final competition, whether it’s a quick-draw shootout or a dance contest?

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Politicians Really Aren’t Better Decision Makers

Politicians took part in a classic choice experiment but failed to do better than the rest of us.

Earliest High-Altitude Settlements Found in Peru

Discovery suggests humans adapted to high altitude faster than previously thought.

My Politicians Are Better Looking Than Yours

A new study finds we judge the cover by the book—or at least the party.

That Cigarette Would Make a Great Water Filter

Clean out the ashtray, add some aluminum oxide, and you've (almost) got yourself a low-cost way to remove arsenic from drinking water.

Love and Hate in Israel and Palestine

Psychologists find that parties to a conflict think they're motivated by love while their enemies are motivated by hate.

The Big One

One company, Amazon, controls 67 percent of the e-book market in the United States—down from 90 percent five years ago. September/October 2014 new-big-one-5

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