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A Lesson in Democracy From Driving Down the ‘Arab Street’

Reconciling democracy and shari’a is certainly do-able, but the results may not enthrall the West.


The Speech Obama Should Give about ‘Innocence of Muslims’

A professor of the politics and culture of the Middle East argues that the current violent furor linked to a blasphemous YouTube clip offers a unique chance to deliver a telling message about freedom of speech.


Happy(ish) World Veil Day


Books from different religious traditions

A Twist of Faiths: Claremont’s Mission to Desegregate Religion

The Claremont School of Theology, founded 126 years ago to create Methodist ministers, has plans to train rabbis and imams alongside its Christian preachers. The alliance, Claremont administrators say, will create the nation’s first Islamic seminary, awarding the country’s first graduate degrees in Muslim leadership. But the idea has agitated people inside and outside the institution.


The Fear of a Sharia Planet

While laws preventing Islamic legal codes from supplanting American jurisprudence are often thrown out, that isn’t stopping Sharia from becoming a wedge issue in the 2012 election.


A Spotlight on the 9/11 Anti-Muslim Backlash

Ten years after the attacks, a sociologist sizes up the social impacts of post-9/11 anti-Muslim prejudice in the United States.


Welcome to Shelbyville: Loving, Fearing Thy Neighbors

In the documentary film “Welcome to Shelbyville,” a small Tennessee town deals with an influx of residents from Somalia.


Why Are the World’s Muslims So Mad at America?

Perceived American influence and its failure to live up to its freedom-loving rhetoric pour into a gulf of discontent in the Muslim world.


Burqa Ban a Boundary to Multicultural Impulse?

France’s newly enacted law banning face coverings in public reinforces the idea we explored last year that waves of multiculturalism are receding for now.


Muslim-American Terrorism Down in 2010

While U.S. Rep. Peter King holds hearings on the threat of homegrown Islamic terrorism, those who actually look at the issue say the incidence is small and dropped last year.


Protecting the Child Beggars of Senegal

When they beg for alms, are Senegalese “talibés” supporting Quranic schools — or being exploited? The government begins a fitful program of regulation.


Funding Mosques from the State Treasury

Secular European governments give money to Muslim congregations in an effort to defang radicalism imported from foreign sources.


Europe’s Muslims Get to be the Continent’s New Jews

Issues swirling around Europe’s non-assimilation of its Muslim population recall its anti-Semitic past, according to scholar Reza Aslan.


Mixing Europe and the Middle East

It’s a long and sorrowful history. But is the new Islamophobia also “anti-Semitism”?


Is Islam ‘Worse’ Than Any Other Religion?

Scholar Reza Aslan discusses anti-Islamic feelings in the U.S. and reflects on how other faiths have faced down feelings of “otherness.”


Panic, Pseudoscience and Muslim Immigration

German politician and banker Thilo Sarrazin scared his countrymen with unsophisticated analysis and a eugenics-based argument about native intelligence.


A Banner Year for Islam Bashing

Why has anti-Muslim sentiment risen in lockstep in America and Europe?


Has ‘Multiculturalism’ Really Failed?

Germany’s Angela Merkel stirred up a hornet’s nest when she decried “multiculturalism,” but that reaction suggests the hornets hadn’t been paying attention.


Enlightenment Islam?

New Islamic theology courses offered at Goethe University in Frankfurt are an example of a new movement to train imams in Europe.


Political Tar Is Sticky — Ask Our Muslim President

Hammering on how a candidate seems different from a voter opens the door for smears to adhere.


Eurabia, Eurabia

A nationalist refrain helps to win electoral gains in Europe.


Banning Burqas on Both Sides of the Atlantic

European officials aren’t the only Westerners wrestling with what Islamic women wear — leaders in Quebec have joined the fray.


Banning Burqas in Europe

How did such an un-American-sounding idea as banning someone’s religiously inspired clothing choice take root in Western countries?


The Veil Becomes a Fashion Statement

The politics swirling around the cultural attire associated with Islam may cover up an obvious rationale — it’s currently fashionable in some circles.


Meet the Real Islam

History professor and blogger Juan Cole succeeds at debunking American myths about the Muslim world. It’s the policy prescription that’s trite.

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The Big One

One in two full-time American fast-food workers' families are enrolled in public assistance programs, at a cost of $7 billion per year. July/August 2014 fast-food-big-one
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