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When Will a Deadly Pandemic Put an End to Worrying About Deadly Pandemics?

Fear-inducing headlines—kind of like this one—might not be such a bad thing.


Will We Ever Be Able to Figure Out Alzheimer’s?

The cause of Alzheimer’s disease has troubled the science world’s best detectives. Can such a mystery really be solved if we gather enough clues?


When It Comes to Animal Farms, Sometimes Size Doesn’t Matter

It’s frighteningly common for those who cover food issues to assume that smaller farms are safer farms. They may be happier, but they’re not necessarily healthier, as the recent spread of a devastating disease shows.


Obesity Is a Disease? Then I Give Up. Pass the Pie

New research suggests declaring obesity a disease seems to discourage healthy eating.


Predicting Epidemics With Internet Search Data

Recent research suggests that evaluating desperate Google queries may be the best way to identify infectious disease outbreaks before they happen.


Next Steps in U.S.-Iran Diplomacy: Vaccines

Two vaccine scientists—one American, one Iranian—offer a unique way to give the nascent relationship between their two countries a shot in the arm.


Living in a Bacterial World

The good news: Antibiotics didn’t create antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The bad news: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria is everywhere.


The Guerrilla War on Cancer

Will we ever find a cure for cancer? Well, the answer isn’t so simple.


A Very Weighty Decision

The American Medical Association has officially labeled obesity a disease, but we still don’t know enough about the problem to be sure it fits the established definition.


Should We Dump the DSM?

Gary Greenberg’s new book skewers the inner workings of the DSM just three weeks before the latest version is scheduled to be released.


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Quick Studies

Banning Chocolate Milk Was a Bad Choice

The costs of banning America's favorite kids drink from schools may outweigh the benefits, a new study suggests.

In Battle Against Climate Change, Cities Are Left All Alone

Cities must play a critical role in shifting the world to a fossil fuel-free future. So why won't anybody help them?

When a Romance Is Threatened, People Rebound With God

And when they feel God might reject them, they buddy up to their partner.

How Can We Protect Open Ocean That Does Not Yet Exist?

As global warming melts ice and ushers in a wave of commercial activity in the Arctic, scientists are thinking about how to protect environments of the future.

What Kind of Beat Makes You Want to Groove?

The science behind the rhythms that get you on the dance floor.

The Big One

One state—Pennsylvania—logs 52 percent of all sales, shipments, and receipts for the chocolate manufacturing industry. March/April 2014