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Ironic Demographics: The Higher Education Bubble

Demographic decline is shrinking the pool of applicants for all but a handful of global superbrands, 80 percent of which are located in the United States.


We All Stand to Lose as Parents Struggle to Repay College Loans for Their Children

New Department of Education data shows rising default rates on federal loans to parents.


Ban the Box: Employing Former Felons Will Improve the Economy and Public Safety

Lawmakers in 10 states and over 50 cities have already enacted Ban the Box policies, eliminating the check-box that asks about an applicant’s criminal record. It’s time for Congress to follow suit.


Does Being a Division I Athlete Lower Your Quality of Life?

According to a number of former varsity athletes at Indiana University, it does. But don’t panic just yet: The findings are still very preliminary.


The Business of Higher Education: What We Miss by Looking Only at Balance Sheets

The generation of knowledge by professors. The transformative conversations that happen outside of the classroom. The advancements in our understanding of society. How can you put a value on any of these things?


Should We Force Colleges to Disclose How They Allocate Financial Aid?

Universities rarely release the specific criteria behind their aid decisions. Could a little-known regulation help open the black box?


Creating Content for Many to Access a Few

MOOCs have value even for those who don’t finish them.


Are Prison Education Programs Worth It?

Cost-benefit analyses should consider more than dollars and cents.


MOOCs Are Going to Make College Even More Expensive

Many massive open online courses serve as giant, viral marketing campaigns for universities looking to find even more potential students.


Higher Education Is Dying

That’s what some are claiming, because where prospective students live, households will struggle to afford university.


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Quick Studies

Hunger and Low Blood Sugar Can Spur Domestic Quarrels

In an experiment, scientists found a correlation between low blood glucose and higher levels of spousal frustration.

Your Brain Starts Faltering After You Reach Age … 24

Sorry to break it to you, TSwift. At least in terms of cognitive functioning while playing StarCraft 2, you're finished.

Cavemen Were Awesome Parents

Toy hand axes, rock bashing, and special burials indicate that Neanderthals were cooler parents than previously thought, according to a new theory.

Bringing a Therapy Dog Into a Children’s Hospital Might Be a Terrible Idea

Despite the popularity of animal therapy in American pediatric hospitals, a new research review reveals that there's little support for its health benefits.

You Feel Closer to Your Destination Even When You’re Not

Simply moving toward or away from something alters the way you think about it, according to a new study.

The Big One

One state—Pennsylvania—logs 52 percent of all sales, shipments, and receipts for the chocolate manufacturing industry. March/April 2014