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Both 1 Percent and 47 Percent Skew Blue

• November 07, 2012 • 12:52 PM

What do the 1 percent and the 47 percent have in common? They both went for Obama.

With class a recurring theme in the thankfully concluded U.S. presidential election,’s Paul Toscano notes that Barack Obama won eight of the 10 wealthiest counties (based on average household income) in the nation.  Plus, his margin of victory was greater in those counties than his 50-to-48-percent national margin.

All 10 counties were in states that Obama won, although Colorado (Pitkin County) and Virginia (Fairfax and Loudon counties) were a little tighter than New York (Westchester), California (Marin), Connecticut (Fairfield) or Mitt Romney’s home state of Massachusetts Nantucket). The two wealthy counties carried by Romney — Morris and Hunterdon — were both in New Jersey, a state that plumped for the prez by a 58-41 ratio.

While Wall Street reportedly saw a friend in venture capitalist Mitt – take a look at his top contributors here – that didn’t make Obama its enemy, rhetoric from both sides aside. Last year, admittedly before things got hot, financial institutions were clearly hedging their bets – Bain Capital included!

Michael Todd
Most of Michael Todd's career has been spent in newspaper journalism, ranging from papers in the Marshall Islands to tiny California farming communities. Before joining the publishing arm of the Miller-McCune Center, he was managing editor of the national magazine Hispanic Business.

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