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Who’s Saving Electricity in Your Neighborhood?

Software company Opower thinks it can get consumers to use less electricity by instigating some friendly neighborhood competition.

Breeding Tropical Fish to Save Their Schools

For every tropical fish that becomes a pet, four are killed. Joan Holt wants to take the violence out of their world.

Library Parks Foster Community in Colombia

Medellín, Colombia’s “library parks” — built for its poorest residents — are bringing sanity and community to one of the world’s most violent cities.

Street Makeovers Put New Spin on the Block

How community activists are taking city planning into their own hands and creating pedestrian-friendly blocks via pop-up urbanism.

U.S. Planting Seeds of Peace in Afghanistan

U.S. soldiers work to undo some of the damage done to Afghanistan’s agricultural communities from decades of war.

Returning Warriors Go to Work, in the Fields

Facing high unemployment rates, returning U.S. veterans are finding work on the farm.

Tattoo Remorse Spawns New Business

Tattoo remorse is leading many of the painted masses to rethink their ink, which is fueling a burgeoning business: specialty tattoo removal shops.

Turning Cellphones Into Mobile Microscopes

Researchers across California are working to bring medical microscopes to our cellphones — and vastly improve field medicine.

Work-Life Balance Benefits Low-Wage Workers, Employers

A growing body of research reveals myriad benefits — for employers and employees alike — when company policies promoting work-life balance are offered to low-wage workers.

Beyond PTSD: Soldiers Have Injured Souls

Now that modern militaries accept that war creates psychological trauma, therapists wonder about its toll on the spirit.

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Quick Studies

What Makes You Neurotic?

A new study gets to the root of our anxieties.

Fecal Donor Banks Are Possible and Could Save Lives

Defrosted fecal matter can be gross to talk about, but the benefits are too remarkable to tiptoe around.

How Junk Food Companies Manipulate Your Tongue

We mistakenly think that harder foods contain fewer calories, and those mistakes can affect our belt sizes.

What Steve Jobs’ Death Teaches Us About Public Health

Studies have shown that when public figures die from disease, the public takes notice. New research suggests this could be the key to reaching those who are most at risk.

Speed-Reading Apps Will Not Revolutionize Anything, Except Your Understanding

The one-word-at-a-time presentation eliminates the eye movements that help you comprehend what you're reading.

The Big One

One state—Pennsylvania—logs 52 percent of all sales, shipments, and receipts for the chocolate manufacturing industry. March/April 2014