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Was Hitler a Man of the Left?

Nazi revisionism in America revolves around the idea that anyone you don’t like gets to be a fascist.

Bishop Pieronek and the Holocaust

East and West remember World War II in different ways.

European Schizophrenia About the Far Right

The European Union wrestles with ways to foster minority viewpoints without subsidizing tomorrow’s Hitlers.

Bauhaus and the Nazis: The Politics of Collaboration

The case of an avant-garde architect, who defied then assisted the Nazi machine, makes hard and fast judgments difficult.

Stalin’s Revival in Russia

Russia wrestles with rehabilitating its great Soviet-era wartime leader and homicidal maniac.

Trying the Foot Soldiers

The final wave of Nazi trials focuses on now-octogenarian pawns of the end game that was the Holocaust.

The Awkward Case for Preserving Holocaust Relics

As time erodes the ephemera of genocide, the purpose behind preserving every physical bit of atrocity becomes a question for archivists and ethicists.

How Do You Prosecute a Pirate?

Like dogs chasing cars, Western powers cruising for Somali pirates are a little stumped about what to do when they’re captured.

The Pirate Stock Market

A Lloyd’s of Haradheere? Or, how Somali pirates are imitating the West through ad-venture capitalism.

A Fishing War Off Somalia?

Despite some successes in thwarting Somali pirates, itchy trigger fingers may serve no one’s interests except for private security agencies.

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Quick Studies

How Junk Food Companies Manipulate Your Tongue

We mistakenly think that harder foods contain fewer calories, and those mistakes can affect our belt sizes.

What Steve Jobs’ Death Teaches Us About Public Health

Studies have shown that when public figures die from disease, the public takes notice. New research suggests this could be the key to reaching those who are most at risk.

Speed-Reading Apps Will Not Revolutionize Anything, Except Your Understanding

The one-word-at-a-time presentation eliminates the eye movements that help you comprehend what you're reading.

To Make Friends, Autistic Kids Need Advice—and Space

Kids with autism need help when it comes to making friends—but they also need their independence.

Gaming the Wedding Gift Registry System

Registering for your wedding? Keep your must-have items away from the average price of your registry—they’re unlikely to be purchased.

The Big One

One state—Pennsylvania—logs 52 percent of all sales, shipments, and receipts for the chocolate manufacturing industry. March/April 2014