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How Do You Make a Living, Niche Sport Photographer?

For John Todd: by owning a database of photos of the United States national soccer teams.


Explaining Gentrification: Global Jobs Versus Local Jobs

Gentrification spreads along the lines that link residential areas to the tradable jobs (health care, education, banking, technology) downtown.


Why Are So Many Silicon Valley Companies Valued in the Billions?

WhatsApp, Oculus, Instagram, Tumblr: These are just some of the technology companies recently valued at $1 billion or more. Whether we’re in a start-up bubble or not nobody can agree on, but one thing is certain: We have no idea what the future looks like, and an investment today could result in huge profits tomorrow.


The Secret History of Life-Hacking

How the cult of self-optimization was born on the factory floor—with a manager’s stopwatch in hand.


How Much Is Peace Actually Worth?

According to an emerging branch of economics, approximately $9.46 trillion.


Explaining Gentrification

There are more factors at play than just those related to the real estate market.


Gaming the Wedding Gift Registry System

Registering for your wedding? Keep your must-have items away from the average price of your registry—they’re unlikely to be purchased.


You, Yes You, Can Analyze Data, Too

What does it take to break into the growing field of data analysis? To start, you’ll need the Internet, a computer, and some basic math skills.


How the Labor Department Has Let Companies Off the Hook for Unpaid Internships

Four years after warning for-profit companies about unpaid internships, the agency has investigated relatively few employers for wage violations.


Why Won’t the Red Cross Tell Us How It Spent Donations After Superstorm Sandy?

Donors gave $312 million after the storm, but it’s not clear where exactly the money went.


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Quick Studies

What Makes You Neurotic?

A new study gets to the root of our anxieties.

Fecal Donor Banks Are Possible and Could Save Lives

Defrosted fecal matter can be gross to talk about, but the benefits are too remarkable to tiptoe around.

How Junk Food Companies Manipulate Your Tongue

We mistakenly think that harder foods contain fewer calories, and those mistakes can affect our belt sizes.

What Steve Jobs’ Death Teaches Us About Public Health

Studies have shown that when public figures die from disease, the public takes notice. New research suggests this could be the key to reaching those who are most at risk.

Speed-Reading Apps Will Not Revolutionize Anything, Except Your Understanding

The one-word-at-a-time presentation eliminates the eye movements that help you comprehend what you're reading.

The Big One

One state—Pennsylvania—logs 52 percent of all sales, shipments, and receipts for the chocolate manufacturing industry. March/April 2014