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Burgh Diaspora


Silicon Valley Is Detroit: Are Zoning Laws to Blame?

Peter Thiel is concerned that innovation cannot afford San Francisco or New York City.



Creative Urban Spaces Don’t Promote Innovation

No, cities are powered by the exploitation of ambition.



The Geography of Anti-Gentrification: Google Buses and the World Trade Center

Why aren’t Google and Twitter welcome in San Francisco?



Ireland: Gentrification of a Nation

The term is selectively applied, depending on personal politics, and obscures much more pressing problems.



Why Is Gentrification Such a Hot Topic?

For a new demographic, the urban zip code has cachet.



New York City’s Perpetual Gentrification

Why the loudest anti-gentrification protesters come from the wealthiest areas in the wealthiest countries in the entire world.



Identity: State of Mind or State of Place?

The ongoing debates about gentrification boil down to nothing more than one big turf war.



YURPs, Burps, and Globalizing Big Easy

The effects of gentrification in New Orleans.



Transit Oriented Boondoggle: The Problem With Detroit’s Streetcar System

Investment in any kind of transportation should aid production, not consumption.



U.S. Geography of News Stories

Most news coverage in America is focused on L.A., D.C., and New York. Can a new independent radio program change that?



Legacy Economy: Pittsburgh Steel Crazy After All These Years

“Manufacturing is no longer just about production. Production is now the core of a much wider set of activities.”



Economic Geography of Eds and Meds

What’s happening with institutions of higher education and medicine?



It’s the Birth Rate, Stupid

Explaining the “curious” population trend in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.



Immigration and Gentrification

Are our romantic attachments to place to blame for fear of brain drain from, immigration to, and gentrification of our cities?



Australia’s Migration Hangover

Migration drives economic growth as the people arriving need places to live. But what happens when the labor force finally flatlines?



Rural China Is Dying

Everybody is leaving the farm for the city as China moves from an agricultural economy to an industrial one.



Creative Class Myths About Talent

Are young, college-educated people attracted to amenities? Or are they attracted to economic opportunity?



Canada Is Dying

Canada’s birth rate is so low that it’s relying entirely on immigration for any increase in the population, but places and businesses that depend on importing skills will suffer in the new talent production economy.



Hong Kong Is Dying

The quality of demographics carries greater weight than the quantity, and the Pearl of the Orient, while dense, is aging rapidly.



No Exodus: Great Recession Migration Mystery

Historically, people in the places hardest hit by recessions pack up and move to greener pastures. But not this time. Why?



Long Island Is Dying

Too many communities are dependent on migration for population gains.



‘The New York Times’ Is Dying

Hardly. Brain drain is an indicator of success, a sure sign of a talent refinery at work.



Portland Is Dying, Revisited

The City of Roses counts on the young and college educated migrating there. It shouldn’t.



Diverging Demography of Baltimore and Africa

Someone tell the mayor of Baltimore that there are more important things to focus on than population growth.



Chicago Is Dying

For quality demographics, Chicago is world class. For quantity demographics, Chicago is dying. Which one matters more?

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Instead, hand them over in silence. Or, market them as the most delicious snack known to mankind.

The West’s Groundwater Is Being Sucked Dry

Scientists were stunned to discover just how much groundwater has been lost from beneath the Colorado River over the past 10 years.

How Wildlife Declines Are Leading to Slavery and Terrorism

As wildlife numbers dwindle, wildlife crimes are rising—and that's fueling a raft of heinous crimes committed against humans.

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No landslide monitoring or warning systems are being used to protect vulnerable communities.

The Big One

One in two full-time American fast-food workers' families are enrolled in public assistance programs, at a cost of $7 billion per year. July/August 2014

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