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Marc Herman

Marc Herman
Marc Herman is a writer in Barcelona. He is the author of The Shores of Tripoli.

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Will Tweaking the Food Stamp Program Save It?

A Brookings report takes the “mend it, don’t end it” approach to the embattled SNAP program.



Is Your Local Judge Hiding Something?

A Center for Public Integrity investigation argues for better rules on judicial conflicts of interest.



With Gifts, It Actually Is the Thought That Counts

But giftees think a little too hard.



They Also Enjoy a Good Turkey Dinner in Havana

There’s a reason the U.S. farm lobby wants better access to Cuba.



New, Chill Pope Still Hasn’t Convinced You to Go to Mass

The “Pope Francis Effect” hasn’t caught on in the U.S., according to a Pew study.



How to Appear Properly Annoyed by a Wiretap

Australia’s security service tapped some phones in Indonesia. It hasn’t ended well.



Is Ferdinand Marcos’ Ghost Haunting Typhoon Haiyan Relief?

After ousting a dictator, Filipinos built a government that skewed local. Will natural disaster strain that system?



In 10 Years, Finding Someone Lost in a Disaster Has Really Evolved

Google’s “People Finder” is proving quietly useful amid the Philippine typhoon crisis.



A Dozen Years Ago Today, Guantanamo’s Groundwork Began

Only seven out of nearly 800 inmates have been convicted and sentenced.



Civil Wars Are Getting Shorter

They’re surprisingly little-studied, too.



Lance Armstrong Says Something Interesting About Players Unions and Doping

Is cycling’s problem that it’s a sport of freelancers?



Torture Permanently Alters the Body’s Response to Pain

Could a new medical finding make it harder to claim something isn’t torture?



Will Obamacare Soften a Shortage of Doctors?

It may, by expanding nurse practitioners’ roles.



Can You Name Bashar al Assad’s Opponent?

You can’t, and that’s the problem, argues the International Crisis Group.



Evangelical ‘Hell Houses’ Still a Thing This Year, Now With Additional Creepiness

Halloween isn’t just for sinners anymore.



Political Cheating: Do Election Observers Help or Hurt?

Tomorrow, 6,000 fraud cops will be deployed for elections in Madagascar, one of the world’s poorest nations.



Auditor Says Scammer Sold USAID $500/Gallon Gas

And a four-figure temperature control device for $220,000.



Study Finds Climate Negotiations Are About the Present

Sorry kids, grandpa wants air conditioning.



Commuting by Bike Was Way Up Last Year

But it’s still a tiny, tiny percentage of trips compared to cars. And walking is falling.



Even Ronald Reagan Negotiated

A long time ago, amid a fight like today’s, the conservative’s conservative told Congress he loved them.



What Would Make the Los Angeles Airport Bombs ‘Terrorism’?

Opinionated bombers.



Stop Trying to Make Killer Bees Happen

Unless you’re a farmer. Then you want them.



Save the World, Help the NSA?

A New America study ponders privacy for new Internet users in an “age of tracking.”



The Legal Loophole Pirates Used to Nab Captain Phillips

Why was an aid ship sailing through pirate-infested waters without an escort?

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Your Brain Decides Whether to Trust Someone in Milliseconds

We can determine trustworthiness even when we’re only subliminally aware of the other person.

Young, Undocumented, and Invisible

While young migrant workers struggle under poor working conditions, U.S. policy has done little to help.

Education, Interrupted

When it comes to educational access, young Syrian refugees are becoming a “lost generation.”

No, Smartphone-Loss Anxiety Disorder Isn’t Real

But people are anxious about losing their phones, even if they don’t do much to protect them.

Being a Couch Potato: Not So Bad After All?

For those who feel guilty about watching TV, a new study provides redemption.

The Big One

One in two full-time American fast-food workers' families are enrolled in public assistance programs, at a cost of $7 billion per year. July/August 2014 fast-food-big-one

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